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M1923 Rifle Belt Segment

The M1923 rifle belt was employed most commonly between 1923 and 1943.  The belt is only the right segment of a full belt, and it is likely this belt was used by a soldier with a .30-06 caliber bolt-action rifle like the M1917 Enfield or the M1903 Springfield.  The M1923 rifle belt features a large flap with a dual snap lock system that encloses a pocket capable of holding a standard eight-round .30-06 en bloc or one can of rifle cleaner/oil.

2 oz can of rifle cleaner produced by The Curran Corporation.

A stripper clip of 5 .30-06 caliber shell casings.

The markings stamped on the bottom of this shell casing are likely indicative of its production lot.

M1923 Rifle Belt: Gallery
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