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Fallen Warriors

The brave men and women who gave everything.

Fallen Warriors: Image

Gone but Never Forgotten

If you have lost a loved one in service contact us so we can assure their sacrifice is never forgotten.

Adolf Rauch


Unknown - 10/31/1938

WW2 German private.
Driver in a panzer brigade.
Dead at 21 from panzer accident.

Johann Martin

Johann Martin photograph.png

Unknown - 7/29/1942

WW2 German private.

Victor Winston Hamilton Sr.


7/18/1919 - 5/12/1945

WW2 American corporal.
Bombardier in U.S. Army Air Corp.
Dead at 25 from plane crash caused by equipment failure.

Joseph Brunner

ww1 german war ensign.png

10/10/1892 - 10/20/1915

WW1 German Private 1st Class.
3rd Infantry Regiment, 8th Company.
Dead at 23 from a shot to the body near Požarevac, Serbia.

Josef Höpfl

ww2 german iron cross.png

Unknown - 12/15/1942

WW2 German Obergrenadier (Upper Grenadier)
Unknown Grenadier Regiment.
Dead at 34 during fighting in the east.

Ludwig Dachs

ww1 german war ensign.png

10/10/1892 - 5/31/1915

WW1 German Private.
1st Heavy Cavalry Regiment.
Dead at 22 in Clift, France.

Fallen Warriors: Exhibitions
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