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Vietnam Pilot Survival Fishing Kit

A survival fishing kit made during the Vietnam war for crashed pilots to have access to food until rescued.  The US government contracted numerous companies for the production of this item, and in this example, it was produced by Tra-Con Inc.

This kit contains 1 fishing instruction booklet, 1 sturdy plastic case (pocket size), 1 packet of 8 assorted flies, 2 treble hooks, 1 straight shank hook, 1 leader packet assorted, 1 nylon line (18 lb test, 50 ft), 1 nylon line (63 lb test, 50 ft), 1 assembly of assorted hooks, 1 assembly of assorted needles, 1 assembly of (8 size) 3 safety pins, packet of 6 assorted spinners, baby copper spoon, large chrome spoon, red & white spoon, illustration of leader knots and hitches, single edge razor blade.

The green tape used to seal this unit is still intact.

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